Wednesday, August 31, 2016

" Hi, I am Tracy. Welcome to Peek Holidays! " :)

Short Trip to Jakarta in December

It was not really a holiday as I didn't really spend much time there. I was back to Jakarta over weekend plus one day...

A Glimpse of Light on Mount Agung

With my current speed, what time do you think we can reach summit? I remember that. I still remember vividly the feeling when I was...

Travel with Strangers to Wonderful Bali

It was not my first time to go to Bali. But this time round...I went to Bali with a group of strangers. Yes, you did...


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Why Tokyo Haneda Is One of the World’s Best Airports

With almost 73 million passengers flying through Tokyo Haneda International Airport, bridging the gap between Tokyo and the rest of Asia, as well as...

A Visit to Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room In Seattle

Have you been to Starbucks Reserve? My brother asked me one morning. I looked at him and asked if he was referring to the first...


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Hi, I am Tracy! I My most memorable holiday was in year 2008. That was when I took a long haul flight to Canada and touched snow for the very first time!

There are many countries still on my wishlist! Follow my adventures of getting lost and getting in touch with people I meet along the journey. Who knows we will meet one day. :)


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