I attended my first cell group meeting in year 2010 on January 15th. The cell group was held in Woodlands area, about 25 minutes by taking bus 912. If I concluded, the topic of that night was “Expect something to receive something”.

Based on Matthew 9:20-21, about a sick woman who longing to be healed. The passage as below:

“Just then a woman who had suffered for twelve years with constant bleeding came up behind him. She touched the fringe of his robe, 21 for she thought, “If I can just touch his robe, I will be healed.” <NLT>

Now we are in opening of year 2010. What do we expect in year 2010? What goal that we set? Our cell group leader shared the importance of writing down our goals. Hmm…talking about my goal in year 2010, actually I had thought of it when I was pondering during the Christmas Eve. I also had written it down on my Blackberry. =D

Here are my goals for year 2010:
• Get a new job
• Get my Singapore driving license
• Join cell group nearby
• losing weight to stay fitter (haha..)

Can I? Can I? Can I? Can I achieve the goals? Let’s see by then. =D

Let’s back about the sharing in cell group. After that, our cell group leader also shared about two kind of approaches in life:
• To live by fear or
• To live by faith

I was thinking, yup..that’s true! In this world, we have only two options. In my words, I use to be fear or to be fearless. Many things sometimes may unexpectedly happens in our life. Either it’s good or bad, happy or sad, big or small problem, we only can choose to run away from the problem OR face the problem boldly and solve it.

Simply say, simply thought, when problem comes, I also tend to say to myself and ask God, “Haiz…why does these all happen…why me…? I am very tired…..”. Not just spiritually but logically think, if you run away, the problems will always there. But if you face and solve it, it’s not gonna last long. So, my option is to face it. It may seem impossible to be solved but I still opt to live by faith. Both options are suffering, haha…why don’t we stay positive? =p

We do our part and let God do the rest. =)

The sharing later on continue with “why do we stay positive?” There were three points mentioned as the answers which I was agree with it either.
• Believe that God can provide the best for us
• We encourage ourselves and
• We encourage others

Most of the times, when I was feeling down, that was the time I was forced to stay positive. =D I don’t know why, but very often happened that I had to encouraged my friends when I was feeling down. Though I had thought, “today, I’m not going anywhere. I want to be alone, stay in my room and just stay out from this world!” But most of the time happened was not long after that, I’d received a call from my friend or saw a popped message on my YM or MSN said, “Tc, are you free? I wanna share something..I feel sad..down..I need someone to listen to my burdens”. Can you imagine? I was down and someone need to share his/her burdens to me. Doesn’t that mean sick people looking for sick people for help? Haha..But guess what, at the end I also asked them to be positive, not to be defeated by problems. And by sharing something positive, it does encourage them and at the same time it does encourages myself, too. So most of the times, I am “UP” by keeping myself to stay positive. Anyway, staying positive also make us easier to be grateful and see God’s works. =)

Below are some picture that I took when I went for holiday with my family in Bali. I love natures! I couldn’t stop myself from seeing the sunset. It’s just too wonderful to miss!

peekholidays-bali-paddyfield-s peekholidays-bali-sunrise-s peekholidays-bluehour-sunset-bali

Basically, I am very simple-minded, sometimes… =) By seeing the stars in the dark sky…the beauty of the sunset and sunrise…the greatness of the natures that God created, it right away makes me calm even I am in the middle of the deepest valley. It just like I can hear a “reminder” says that, “Nothing is impossible to God”. Yes..Nothing is impossible! So..no reason to give up in any circumstances! =)

That’s all for now. Next time I will share again about my thought. =D