Jakarta, 21 December 2013

That was when we met for the very first time.

It’s a long distance relationship and not seldom we encounter obstacles that makes me feel like giving up but somehow I know that we will be doing great. We match our footsteps, we match our expectations. We work it out together.

It has been around 1.5 years since we traveled together for the very first time. Our first outing was to Jakarta in February 2014. It was a short one during my birthday and I did get a little surprise during the trip. Without him, probably it would not have turned out that memorable. Orh, that was also when I learnt snorkeling for the very first time.

Our second outing was to Surabaya, East Java. We went with a larger group of friends and few more days longer than the first one. We hit a pretty long road trip – we went up to the mountain, we went down to the sea. We went for rafting adventure, we went to the waterfall. It was awesome. Completely.

Our third trip, we went to Yogyakarta. We went to see one of the greatest Buddhist monuments in the world, Borobudur Temple. We also explored the Mount Merapi with 4-wheel drive. Hot but fun in Yogyakarta. Then we continued our journey to the second highest highland in the world, Dieng Highland. We witnessed the yearly Dieng Cultural Festival, the mass sky lantern release, the hair-cutting ceremony of the children with dreadlock hair. It was pretty challenging trip as the crowd was unexpected, however, all ended well. We went back home happily.

Our fourth trip was getting further to the east of Indonesia. To the Flores, East Nusa Tenggara we went. We did overland and overseas trip at one shot. I, myself, was not surprised if the journey was long, it was a road trip and I just realized that Flores island was not small. Wow… There was a part of the road trip where I could see a huge patch of paddy field, mountains, local houses, the uphill and downhill road – It was interesting. I enjoyed the scenery along the way. It may be tiring but all paid-off by the experiences I got. From the crater down to the sea, from watching birds in the sky to komodo dragons on the land, from staying in a lovely local guest house to a beautiful hotel by the beach, I had it all in one trip. Love it!

Next, our fifth trip, we went to Bandung together. Honestly, I would say, this trip made our relationship stronger. There was an incident during the trip which we didn’t know how and what to do at that time. It wasn’t easy and we really had a hard time. We were discouraged and I was down to the lowest point – I felt very tired, almost gave up and thought to end all the efforts. However, with supports from others and from him, we eventually made it. We made it to the end of the trip together. We learnt a lesson and we got better understand of each other from from the mistakes we did.

Instead of giving all up, we went and we plan for even more trips. If he is not good, I will seriously dump him for good without hesitate. But because he is awesome, always trying to give his best and shown his sincerity, I know that I have found the right one. And you know what, once you found the right partner, you can move fast without worries. Sometimes, you don’t know whether your plan will works but you will give it a shot because you know you are not alone. :)

Btw, all the stories above are not about my personal life or about anyone else but those are all about the partnership between Indonesia Explorer (IDE) Group and Green Adventour (GA Tour and Travel) all these times. :)

Peek Holidays - Group Photo on Mount Papandayan
On Tegal Alun, Mount Papandayan

I, as the main organizer of the IDE group, who have very itchy feet to explore Indonesia, know that I can always count and trust them in planning both for my personal and group trips. Again, they may be young but let me warn you, don’t ever underestimate them, especially the big boss, Triasa. :p

GA, you are simply the best! :) Keep up the good work! :)



 Unfortunately, this is not the story of my recent breakup which I wrote few weeks back in Bahasa Indonesia. :p This is my second letter to GA while the first one you can find it here – Green Adventour as My Partner Travel Agent :)