Often times we are longing for a break from our routine, aren't we? It is like we really need a break, a good break and off to somewhere. We will then try hard to set aside a certain amount from our paycheck every month for saving – with a...

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Taka Bonerate: The Real Hidden Gem of South Sulawesi

TA-KA BO-NE-RA-TE Please repeat after me. • • • Taka Bonerate. My friend once told me how beautiful this place is. I still remember reading his long...

Papua: A Dream Destination Where I Meet This Inspiring Lady

Every year, we celebrate Indonesia's Independence Day which falls on August 17th, it is about a week apart after Singapore's. When I thought of what I should write...

Derawan Islands: Up Close & Personal with the Whale Shark

After I failed at my first attempt to see them, I was back again to Derawan Islands few months later with my other group...


Andante House: The Little Japanese Village in Hualien, Taiwan

Andante House and Restaurant is actually two separate buildings, the houses and the restaurant, located within a-zone Hualien cultural and creative industries park which was built about 100 years ago on 3.3 hectares land.

Chena Hot Spring Resort & Aurora Ice Museum in Fairbanks

It is as if we didn't feel cool enough outside there in Anchorage. But we were told that the best place to view the...
Bald Eagle at Skagit River

Hunting Bald Eagle at Skagit River

HANG ON! What I mean with hunting bald eagle here is "hunting" with my camera. :) So, I have a plenty of time when I...



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