So, I somehow found about this contest held by Kerala Blog Express a week ago. Later on then I knew that Kerala is a state in the south-west region of India. The place looks interesting and over more I have never been to India before, then I thought, no harm to give it a shot. :)

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Basically, I joined the contest is not purely because allured by the prize, two weeks paid trip to Kerala but more on because I never ever win any contest in my life. It could be I have no luck or just merely I don’t have that spirit to compete with others. Simply said, I am lazy to ‘fight’. Oops….! :p

Well, I have picked up myself to try out and if you want to get me to Kerala, no donation is required from you! :D Just vote for me by clicking on the below banner. It will ask you to login before you can start to vote. I am still far..far..behind and chance for me is quite low as they will only choose the first top 25 most voted bloggers. But again, I will just try my best. :)


I am not sure how will the trip like, but I am pretty sure I will be coming back with many stories and photos to share with you. I heard the good and the bad going to India from friends around me and I hope I will have a chance to experience it on my own and say, “Hey, actually it isn’t that bad.” :) the banner and vote! :D

Thanks and cheers! :)


[ All the photos are from various sources which I can’t remember. If you are the owner, please contact me. :) ]