I first saw this video on my Facebook news feed, and hey, it has useful information about Indonesia that I think it’d be interesting to share with all of you.Thanks to Good News from Indonesia for creating such a great video! :)

Below are the English translation and a little bit more information related to the topic which I found online. If there is any mistake, please feel free to let me know. :)


It’s not perfect. It’s AWESOME.


Indonesia mempunyai 13466 pulau besar dan kecil

Indonesia has 13466 islands, big and small


Menjadikan Indonesia negara kepulauan terbesar di dunia

It makes Indonesia to be a country with the largest archipelago in the world


Perlu 37 tahun untuk menjelajahi seluruh pulau jika tinggal 1 hari di setiap pulau

We need 37 years to explore all the islands if we stay one night on each island


Jarak dari Sabang sampai Merauke 5428 km

The distance between Sabang (the northernmost point of Indonesia) to Merauke (the southernmost point of Indonesia) is 5428 km


5428 km jarak yang sama antara Tehran ke London
Melintasi 10 negara Eropa

5428 km is the same distance as Tehran to London
Crossing over 10 European countries

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Panjang garis pantai Indonesia 95181 km

The total length of Indonesia coastline is 95181 km

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Negara dengan garis pantai terpanjang ke-4 di dunia

That is the 4th longest coastline in the world

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Indonesia adalah rumah

Indonesia is a home of

Bagi 1128 suku bangsa

1128 tribes

Ribuan makanan dan minuman khas

Thousands of local unique food and beverage

Dengan 746 bahasa

746 kind of languages

Aneka ragam flora & fauna

Various types of flora & fauna

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Indonesia dikaruniai kombinasi keindahan alam yang tiada duanya di dunia

Indonesia has a combination of beautiful natures that can’t be found elsewhere in the world

Photo captions from left to right:
1st row
Raja Ampat (West Papua), Blue Fire (East Java), Cartenz Pyramid (Papua)
2nd row
Merapi (Central Java), Lake Toba (North Sumatra), Sunset in Anyer (West Java)
3rd row
Wave in G-Land (East Java), Krakatau (between Java and Sumatra), Wakatobi (Southeast Sulawesi)

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Indonesia adalah rumah bagi budaya-budaya leluhur
yang adiluhung & beragam

Indonesia is a home of various types of highly valued ancient native culture

Photo captions from left to right:
1st row
Saman Dance (Aceh), Minangkabau House (Minang), Borobudur (Java)
2nd row
Kecak Dance (Bali), Karapan Sapi (Madura), Tanah Toraja (Toraja)
3rd row
Perang Dance or Dance of War (Nias)

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Indonesia adalah rumah bagi anak bangsa
yang karyanya diakui dunia

Indonesia is a home of people with records that are recognized by the world

Photo captions from left to right:
1st row
B.J. Habibie (Aviation), Wiweko Supono (Air Force),
Khoirul Anwar (Network Information Theory)
2nd row
Sehat Sutardja (Marvel Technology Group),
Tjokorda Raka (Sorosbahu Road Construction Technique),
Rudi Hartono (Badminton Star)
3rd row
Warsito P. Taruno (Cancer Busters Tool)


Memang, ada beribu alasan untuk pesimis akan masa depan Indonesia

Although, there are thousand reasons to be pessimistic about the future of Indonesia




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Ada berjuta alasan mengapa kita harus tetap bangga menjadi Indonesia

There are million reasons to be proud to be Indonesia

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Dan optimis akan masa depannya

And be optimistic of its future

It’s not perfect

Although I am residing in Singapore which now I can call it my second home. However, I can’t deny that I was born and grown up in Indonesia. Again, Indonesia is not perfect but it is awesome. And I won’t forget about that. :)