I don’t know how famous Burger Up was and later on I just knew that they actually only have one store in town – Nashville. My brother moved to Nashville not long before I visited him and he brought me to this burger restaurant.

Burger Up Restaurant Design & Interior Concept

First thing of this burger restaurant that caught my attention was their logo! It was interesting, with only a cow silhouette and an arrow pointing up direction, explained what was their core business about.

The restaurant interior was more to natural feel rather than fancy. The atmosphere was good for gathering. I like it. :)

Burger Up Restaurant in Nashville

Burger Up has an interesting story behind their brand which can be read on Burger Up official website. On their menu cover stated that Burger Up was established in year 2011 and they support farmers who care about their animals and farms. Does it mean that they will only use well-taken care ingredients? Your guess. :)

Burger Up logo on the bottle

Burger Up Menu

They have appetizer, burger until desserts on their menu. And the prices are still in reasonable range. Their menu is available online on Burger Up website.

By the brand name, I assumed that their signature dish would be the burgers. But because I have gained much weight lately..so I tried to start with something lighter which was salad. In fact, the salad was not light as I thought. Haha..it was yummy and filling. The portion was pretty big. I love salad! :)

Burger Up Salad

My brother ordered for a burger. It looked delicious, too. The burger was not really huge but the juicy meat should be more than enough to satisfy our appetite.

Burget Up Burger

If you happen to visit Tennessee one day, probably you can give it a try. I would love to hear what do you think about their food. :)

Burger Up

2901 12th Avenue South
Nashville Tennessee 37204
Tel. +1 615-279-3767
www. burger-up.com