When we woke up in the next morning, we were hungry and thinking what to have for breakfast. We intentionally didn’t buy the breakfast in the hotel so that we could explore more on the local foods.


Weather in the morning was good. Chilled and a bit foggy. The sky was not clear but still can see the sun shining bright. We headed to a restaurant nearby to the hotel – a Taiwanese restaurant. Huh? Taiwanese? I thought you want to explore more on the local foods? Well, that’s what we could find that morning and it’s been tested by my brother-in-law who reached Beijing one day earlier than us. Not to let our stomach shocked, so we had our warming up breakfast session there. The restaurant name is “大成家” (Da Cheng Jia).


We entered the restaurant and was greeted by the friendly staffs. We sat next to the window facing the street. The place is clean, neat and cozy. Saw few people went in for a quick breakfast, too. They have quite wide food variety that we can choose from. I ordered Taiwan beef noodle for myself and few side dishes to share together. The beef noodle was tasty. Basically I love beef noodle! :D Oh ya, they are selling soymilk, too (do you see the big red cup next to me?).

peekholidays-dazhengjia-tracypeekholidays_dazhengjia_grilled_chicken peekholidays_dazhengjia_xiao_long_bao peekholidays-dazhengjia-beef-noodle

Overall, I like all their food. If you come to Beijing and happen to pass by there, make sure to visit this restaurant. The prices are still reasonable. Probably not the best, but they are worth to try. :)

You may also find out more about the restaurant from their website .

劲松, Jinsong Middle St
Chaoyang, Beijing, China
Tel: +86 10 8771 5482