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One by one, passenger started to walk to the back of the ferry boat where the exit was. Fifty minutes ago I was still at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, Singapore, and later I was at Nongsa Pura Ferry Terminal, Batam, Indonesia. Time flew fast, less than an hour, I was already at another country.

Nongsapura Ferry Terminal
Nongsa Pura Ferry Terminal

I don’t know what make me eventually accepted the invitation to review this resort while my current schedule has already made me run out of breath. Maybe..just maybe because I heard from one of my friends said that Turi Beach Resort is not good. I didn’t ask further why it was bad, rather than, I chose to come and see what my mind and body have to say. :)

Peek Holidays - Tracy Chong
Smile! I am at Nongsa Pura Ferry Terminal

With shuttle bus provided from the resort, I was escorted passing by the lush green along the way from Nongsa Pura Ferry Terminal to Turi Beach Resort. Not complaining, but leaving city life and seeing greenery once in a while helps us feeling great. That’s kinda therapeutic.

I headed to the check-in counter and greeted by one of the hotel staffs, Ms. Amalia. I was there too early, my room was not ready yet so I went out to see around checking what I could expect from this resort. :)

Turi Beach Resort - Lobby

Riani and Tirta at Turi Beach Resort

Who is Riani and Tirta?

Well, unfortunately, those are not the names of any pretty ladies working in Turi Beach Resort. ;) When we were touring around the resort, I was told that the accommodation in Turi Beach is divided into two wings – Tirta and Riani. Rooms at Tirta wing are more into modern and minimalist style, while at Riani are more into nature and minimalist. You will see later the differences on my following photos later. All 141 rooms and suites are facing the sea being well spread over the beach front and the hillside.

Turi Beach Resort - Riani
Turi Beach Resort – Rooms at Riani Wing

Turi Beach Resort - Tirta
Turi Beach Resort – Rooms at Tirta Wing


The Beach and The Cabana Club

I was excited seeing the beach! But..but..but..because I was just back from my Raja Ampat trip, a week prior of my coming to Turi Beach, my mind is still unable to get rid of the beauty of the beaches in Papua which are incomparable to other beaches I had been before. Hence, at the moment, I couldn’t give any further comment on the beach here. All I can say is the beach is clean, the water is clear and I could see some corals from the top, too. :)

The beach
The beach

Along the beach, there is Cabana Club which is the operator of the outdoor activities in Turi Beach Resort. While it may not be the best beach, but for the water sport activities that can be done here are many! I am impressed! From jet skiing, kayaking to snorkeling, and from team building activity to paintball and wall climbing, all is available here. You name it, they have it. For sure, no need to go that far to Bali island anymore for all these! And orh, they have new game, ATV ride! I will share more about this later. ;)

The Cabana Club Menu
The Cabana Club Menu

The Cabana Club
The Cabana Club

The Reasons Why I Shouldn’t Have Come to Turi Beach Resort
Escape to Turi Beach Resort – ATV Experience
Flyboard, Hoverboard, ATV & E-Bike are Available Now at Turi Beach Resort

The Live Band at Yacht Club Bar

Next, we went to have a look at Yacht Club Bar in the resort. Although I don’t drink, I do enjoy live band. The live band is only available on Friday and Saturday evening. And yes, that’s the pool table. There are two pool tables and three private karaoke rooms. How about Eight-ball or probably Nine-ball? ;)

Turi Beach - Yacht Club Bar
Turi Beach Resort – Yacht Club Bar

Dining in Turi Beach Resort – Taming Sari Cafe, Cinta Manis and Nogusaya

For dining, there are three restaurants available in the resort – Taming Sari Cafe (International Cuisine), Cinta Manis (Indonesia Cuisine) and Nogusaya (Teppanyaki & Grill). Vegetarian menu is also available at Taming Sari. Among those three restaurants, only Taming Sari open (almost) 24 hours with limited Midnight Supper menu available. At least I know where should I go when I am hungry in the middle of the night ~ 

Taming Sari Menu
Taming Sari Menu

Taming Sari Cafe Yellow Rice
The Yellow Rice at Taming Sari Cafe is good!

When I was having my lunch, I also have a conversation with Mr. Sumantri, the Manager of Turi Beach Resort. He said that the resort is always fully booked on weekend while on weekday, some companies do hold a meeting or incentive trip to the resort. Although the percentage of the guests coming on weekday is not that high, but business is still coming in.

My curiosity is kicking in again and one question right away popped in my mind.

From what I can see, they are doing quite well. Then, why they still invite Bloggers to come?

I threw that question to Mr. Sumantri and here is what he said.

Because everyone has different opinions.

He shared further about the purpose but I got the point. Yeap, that’s right. My opinion of staying at Turi Beach Resort may be different with my friend who had a not too good experience staying here before. I may get better experience or may be even worse (please don’t ~). So, I think I have made a right choice to come here. :)

After all the sharing, I went back to the hotel lobby and get ready for check-in. While the shuttle van drove me and my bag to Riani wing, I was wondering, what kind of experience I would get from this 2D1N stay in Turi Beach Resort. Hmm..Let’s see. :)


Turi Beach Resort

Jl. Hang Lekiu, Nongsa
Batam 29465

Tracy Chong
Graduated in Visual Communication Design, by profession I am a Designer. By heart, I am more than that. I love art and nature as well as enjoy traveling and meeting people.



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