Lazy Bird Guest House in Incheon

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My trip to South Korea was getting near and time to finalize all necessary arrangement for the trip. Instead of hotel, I thought of staying in a place where I can get more feeling like a local (although I am not obviously). This was the first time I totally surrender on what I will get based on my opinion. Read 3 Things I Learnt from Travelling Solo: Real Travelling.

How Did I Find Lazy Bird Guest House?

I planned to spend the first night at Incheon. So, I started the searching by asking my Uncle…Google. He knows almost everything under the sun. If I can’t find any answer from my uncle, I usually will go for my auntie…Bing. :D

“guest house in Incheon”

I typed that in Google search column and many of guest house names appeared in the search result.

“Hmm….gonna take some times to pick one.”

I scrolled up and down, looking at the ads around and the search results. Clicked and opened up any name that appealing to me.

“Lazy Bird Guest House”

“Hmm…looked interesting.”

I clicked on it and I was directed to their website The moment I looked at their main page, right away I felt liking the place very much. It was not hotel, it was a house. This was precisely what I wanted. :)

Lazy Bird Guest House in Incheon

So, first night accommodation was settled. Lazy Bird Guest House was chosen. :)

From Incheon International Airport to Lazy Bird Guest House

I arrived at Incheon International Airport at around 4pm. I requested for pick up service from Lazy Bird Guest House with a fee of KRW5000 one way. About 30 mins later, the staff from Lazy Bird Guest House reached. He was polite and nice. :)

In front of Incheon Airport

Travel time from Incheon Airport to Lazy Bird Guest House took about 10-15 mins drive. And what I saw in front of me was exactly the same from what I saw on their website.

Lazy Bird Guest House Lazy Bird Guest HouseLazy Bird Guest House Signboard

Lazy Bird Guest House Room

I booked for a single private room, cost at KRW35,000 per night. I got the room at 1st floor. The room was not too big neither small. It fit one double bed and there’s some space around. For one people stay, it’s good enough. Even for two people, it’s still sufficient. The room was clean, tidy and pretty. With simple decoration, it made me felt comfortable staying in the room.

Private Single Room at Lazy Bird Guest House

Lazy Bird Guest House Bathroom

We shared bathroom with others. Even so, the bathroom was clean and neat. It put my mind in ease, cause I really couldn’t take of smelly bathroom.

Lazy Bird Guest House Bathroom

Lazy Bird Guest House Common Hall

There was also a common hall or living room with sofa, TV and also a computer which was always on and free for guests to use. On the left photo below, those were notes and photos left by the guests. :)

Lazy Bird Guest House Common Hall
Lazy Bird Guest House Common Hall

Besides TV console, there was a collection of Hanbok which guests may rent for photo-taking.

Lazy Bird Guest House Dining Room

Simple breakfast was provided to guest. Toast, tea, coffee and juices. All were self-service. What I love most still was the cleanliness. I felt home. :)

Lazy Bird Guest House BreakfastLazy Bird Guest House Kitchen
Lazy Bird Guest House Kitchen

Lazy Bird Guest House Surrounding Area

The only not so good about staying in Lazy Bird Guest House is the surrounding area which is still in development. But to make this up, we can expect to see modern nice houses around the area.

Lazy Bird Guest House Surrounding Lazy Bird Guest House Surrounding

The area was still green, not too many houses so I could feel relax when I was walking my way to Incheon downtown which only took me about 15 mins to reach. I could see many cherry trees around, too. Once we reached downtown, we can find many restaurants, from fast food to local food, and also convenience store as well.

Incheon Downtown

Would I stay here again next time? I would say yes, and probably will stay longer so I have more time to explore Incheon area. There are few places to explore in Incheon but not in walking distance. So, kind of I will be going back again one day. :)

Lazy Bird Guest House

2665-2, Unseo Dong, Joong Gu, (Baengnyeonggol)
Incheon City, Korea
Tel. 070-4206-2157 / 010-3021-2011


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Graduated in Visual Communication Design, by profession I am a Designer. By heart, I am more than that. I love art and nature as well as enjoy traveling and meeting people.


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