[REVIEW] Scarlett Whitening Serum & Cream for a Glowing Skin

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My Scarlett Brightly product series usage has come to almost a month. I start from the Scarlett Whitening Bodycare to Scarlett Brightly Facecare series consisting of Facial Wash and Toner. Well, the fact is their Brightly series isn’t just that. They even come out with serums and creams as follow-up treatments after cleansing.

Scarlett Brightly Ever After Serum and Glowtening Serum

There are Brightly Ever After Serum and Glowtening Serum. Both serums are formulated for skin brightening and glowing. Each Serum has its unique product benefits, which is why it is best to use both, one after another. The serums use a 15 ml glass bottle with a dropper.

Scarlett Brightly Ever After Serum

With contained active ingredients such as Phyto Whitening, Niacinamide, Glutathione, and Vitamin C, and Lavender Water, the Brightly Ever After Serum also helps face blood circulation and helps to moisturize and prevent early skin aging due to the free radicals exposure. 

Scarlett Brightly Ever After Serum doesn’t have any scent. Because of the texture that is not too thick, our skin can absorb it fast and not sticky after application. It is recommended to apply this Serum once in the morning and night after cleansing. I use one drop on every application. One or two drops of the Serum is sufficient for each application. Brightly Ever After Serum is suitable for normal, dry, and combination skin types.

Scarlett Glowtening Serum

Meanwhile, for the Glowtening Serum, first, I must say that I love the aroma! It has that lemongrass kind of smell that makes me feel so relaxed as I apply it to my face. Unlike Brightly ever After Serum with a clear, non-sticky form, Glowtening Serum has that milky white opaque color. The consistency is thicker than Brightly Ever After Serum, but yet, it still feels so light on my face. And again, it smells good! I usually use two drops on each application.

The active ingredients for Scarlett Glowtening Serum are Tranexamide Acid, Calendula Oil, Olive Oil, Allantoin, and also Licorice Extract. It is suitable for all skin types – be it a normal, dry, oily, combination, sensitive, or even acne-prone skin type.

Scarlett Brightly Ever After Day Cream and Night Cream

After applying the serums, I also apply Brightly Ever After Day Cream in the morning and Brightly Ever Ater Night Cream before I sleep. Both creams have a similar texture and consistency, just that the day cream has that excellent lemongrass kind of smell. I have always loved the lemongrass smell because it gives that relaxation feeling. 

I take the cream using one of my clean fingers, and then I dab it onto my cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead before I apply it over my whole face. I massage both of my cheeks upwards a few times using my fingers and finally tap lightly to ensure all the creams applied are already appropriately absorbed. My face feels good after completing the whole skincare application. And yes, it doesn’t feel heavy at all on my face.

Scarlett Brightly Ever After Day Cream and Night Cream contains active ingredients such as Rainbow Algae, Tricemide, Green Caviar, Rosehip Oil, Preaway, Niacinamide, Hexapeptide-8, Aqua Peptide Glow, and also Glutathione. Each cream is kept in a 20 ml glass round jar which is a good size to bring even on a cabin bag.

• • •

It may sound like too many products to use for skincare treatment. Unfortunately, there is no instant way for more significant skin. I, myself, am not a person that has that beauty regime. But after the experiment using Scarlett products up to this stage, I find that it is definitely better to have such a regime. It makes my life easier and helps me save from spending on unnecessary skincare products. 

All Scarlett skincare products mentioned above are registered on BPOM RI, not tested on animals, and content doesn’t contain Mercury and Hydroquinone. The retail selling price for each Serum is at a reasonable price of only IDR 75.000,- per bottle.

Scarlett bodycare and skincare products are available on the Scarlett Official Shop on Shopee, or we can also purchase directly from their Customer Service. More information is available here.

It is great to have all the skincare products I need under the same brand. With that, I know that the product standards are the same and I shall keep using it with ease of mind.

Well, what do you think of Scarlett products? Would you give it a try or do you have any particular brands in mind for skincare products? 

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