The idea first came out when I was planning for Indonesia Explorer (IDE) upcoming trips last year and I thought of doing something different.

Explore. Giving back to society. Orphan.

Those were few words appeared in my mind.

That’s actually part of the reason I created Indonesia Explorer (IDE). I love to travel and I am in love to explore Indonesia. And to promote tourism of my own country, probably is the least I can do right now to support the locals and feed my wanderlust as well. Despite of all the bad news and comments I heard about Indonesia, I still believe that Indonesia is not completely that bad. Well, that’s what I can conclude from living there for 24 years. Rather than keep on talking, I would rather take an action to do what I can do. Both actions need energy to commit. Yes? Don’t waste energy on something useless.

Why Orphan?

No..No..Don’t get me wrong. Other than my Mom had passed away 7 years back, I have a complete family. Probably people may think that maybe I was once an orphan or I was from a broken family, and that’s why now I have a burden towards children. No, that’s not always the case.


Last six years in Jakarta, I was heavily involved in children and youth matters. I was kind of struggle with my life as a youth then, until someone found me and guided me to be me as today. And that was the first turning point in my life.

During my school days, my family wasn’t doing very well and I had to work part-time giving tuition and piano lessons to young children for my own expenses and my other school necessity. I am the youngest in my family, no younger sister nor brother, hence, it was really a challenge for me to deal with children during that period. But because of that, I was open up to try to understand the kid’s behavior.

Our nation’s children are our greatest asset and our most precious treasure.

– Christopher Dodd –

Besides school and part-time job, I was also involved in caring of youth in my local church. And all those years of experience, let me understand how important it is to have the right ‘foundation’ built since young. Parental issues, incomplete family, we couldn’t help much. But to guide and to support the children? It is still possible. All these could be the reasons why I have more attention to the kids and youth. They are our next generation. They are our future.

I learned to give not because I have MANY..
But because I know how it feels to have NOTHING.

I still remember how tasty a simple meal like when I was ran out of money and someone out of the blue gave me a dinner treat. I still remember how grateful I was when helps unexpectedly came when I was really in need of it. Probably, to them, they didn’t feel to have done something helpful for me. But their little kindness, did make a difference in my life.

I tried to share the idea with my reliable agent partner, Green Adventour, and after having discussions for months, he finally came out with a #ShareHappinessProject.

What Is #ShareHapinessProject?

Indonesian Children

‘Share Your Happiness: Be an Inspiration and be inspired.’

Simply say, #ShareHappinessProject is an exclusive project created by Green Adventour (GA) that combine traveling and social activity in a trip. So, we will not only have fun exploring Indonesia but also share and do what we can to spread the happiness to others. In this case, our target is the orphan.

What Will We Do?

EXPLORE and SHARE. There will be a time to explore places in Indonesia and there will be a time to have activities together with the children.

What Are Our Goals?


To achieve these, we will do:

I. Inspiration Class

Inspiration Class is a program which adopts from an activity conducted by an organization called “Indonesia Mengajar”. If in “Indonesia Mengajar“ the Inspirators are the local professionals, then in this #ShareHapinessProject, the Inspirators will be the participants who join the trip. The participants will give a simple but attractive presentation to the children about their country, careers, experiences, and so on. :)


Through this class, we expect the children to get bigger picture that the world is not limited to what they see around everyday. Let the kids get motivated to go forward and explore the world out there one day. :)

II. Travelling with the Children

Most of the orphans are living life not only less in love and affection from their parents, but also in material. Some of their parents had passed away and some were left by their parents because of the financial issue. So, here is what we think we can give to the children through this #ShareHapinessProject. We will bring them out for sightseeing and traveling around the city for one full day.

The world’s light isn’t come from the sun, but its come from the orphans smile.


III. Soft Skills Development

Most of the children study in the government public schools where the school fees are affordable but the curriculum may be far from enough to prepare them to enter the marketplace in the future.

Credit: lmschaeffer
Credit: lmschaeffer

Through this session, we will try to equip them with soft skills which they don’t get from school, such as public speaking skill, so that they have courage to speak up and share their opinion as well as discipline training. We will also share some basic English conversation skill with them.

IV. Books Donation

#1Book1Traveler is a campaign for book donation where every traveler brings at least one book for donation. Usually we will only apply this campaign when we travel to undeveloped destinations in Indonesia. However, for this trip, we will apply this campaign as well. It can be a new/used story or education book in English language. We will build a mini library for the children if the response is great.

IV. Community Economic Development Program


Community Economic Development Program is an extra or optional program if the donation funds received far exceeded our expectation and beyond what we need. If runs well, it will become a sustainable program and be managed by GA.

We make a living by what we get. But we make a life by what we give.

– Winston Churchill –

That’s all about #ShareHappinessProject. We don’t know how much we can do until we do it. We don’t know how far we can go until we start to walk. If we don’t start now, we won’t make a difference. :)

About The Trip

If you would like to take part in the trip, please RSVP via below link.
#ShareHappinessProject – Session 1: 30 April to 4 May 2015
Let’s Explore West Java with the Orphans #ShareHappinessProj­ect

The slots are limited to 12 pax only. You have to be a member of Indonesia Explorer (IDE) or one of other participated groups in order to join the trip.

About The Donation

If you would like to take part in giving only, please contact me for more information. Form of donations we accept are:

1. Funds

To purchase necessary equipment for the trip and the children.

2. Goods

Children toys, books (used or new), stationery, anything that is useful for the children.

Financial statement related to the donations will be reported to all members and donator via email after each trip. If you have any inquiry about this #ShareHappinesProject, please feel free to contact me. :)