First thing when we reach there is to get a local SIM card!

How often we were worried whether the city or the country we will be visiting is wi-fi friendly so we can be connected whenever necessary. Or how much time we have wasted just to find where to get the local SIM card.

peekholidays-in-brisbaneOr probably this is the most common scenario:

Before boarding, our parents or our loved ones will send us a message: “Remember to report safety once you reach there!” Then once we touch down at the destination, we will feel so much pressure to find a way to get connected as soon as we can to report safety back home. It is great if the accommodation we book comes with complimentary wi-fi services, but if not?

Or another not less common scenario:

We only have one mobile phone but we need to keep our home country number activated in any case there are clients or some urgency arise but yet to avoid data roaming cost, we also need to use the local number and data plan. Then what should we do?

• • •

Few months ago, a friend asked me how I stay connected when I was in South Korea and at other time, another friend asked me the same question but for another country. What I usually do in the past was getting the local SIM card.

I only have one mobile phone, meanwhile, I am that type of person that really dislike taking in and out my phone SIM card because the slot is sensitive and easily broken if we are not careful. But I have no choice that time. Obviously, paying data roaming bill that certainly will cost me a bomb at the end of my trip is out of the question.


Until recently, I was delighted to find out that there is one network operator that finally comes out with a great plan called XL EASY ROAMING. It is a product by XL Axiata that launched as a savior to all of our possible situations we encounter when we are in overseas.


By using XL EASY ROAMING, we can make a phone call, send SMS, and the most awesome part is we can stay connected without a hassle of removing our existing SIM card. Yeap! We can still use our XL SIM card and stay connected in overseas!

XL EASY ROAMING has three plan categories which are XL Pass, Roaming Combo, and XL Umrah. But in here, I will only share about XL Pass as I think this is the most sought after solution when we are in overseas.


Simply said, XL Pass is a pass that allows us to use our existing XL internet quota in overseas. I think we need internet access more than any other services in overseas. Won’t we be charged roaming cost for that? SMILE. No, you won’t. That’s the power of XL Pass. Currently, XL PASS service is already available in 40 countries. If you are planning to visit any of following countries, do consider to use this plan.

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First thing is definitely we must be an XL user with internet quota (HotRod or XTRA Combo). Then we can just activate the service through myXL apps or by sending *123 *747# before or after we leave our home country.

When we are already in overseas, select the partner operator network as listed above and we are good to go! Since we will connect to the local network operator, we can expect a good and reliable network quality as good as using their local SIM card.


Depending on the duration, there are packages for 3, 7, and 30 days usage. For prepaid card users, the price starts from as low as IDR150,000,- for 3 days pass while for XL Go (XL mobile broadband) users, the price starts from as low as IDR200,000,-

For further information about XL Pass, do check it on

So, that’s it! Doesn’t XL Pass sound like something that we have been wanting for all these times? Now you (including me) know how to stay connected in overseas without hassles! Keep on traveling! :)

Send you regards from me and my lovely niece from Malacca. Ignore the hat on my head. :p

If you think this information is useful, please help me to share with your friends! Oh, what do you think about this XL Pass and its prices? Does your home country network operator run this kind of plan as well? Feel free to share in the comment box below.

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