Merry Christmas! :)

This year, I spent Christmas day in Singapore  and I attended one of the Christmas services which was hold on Saturday at 3 p.m. The venue was almost jam-packed but lucky that I managed to get a seat with help from a friend who had reached there earlier.

The service was great. The drama was awesome. The sermon by Pastor Kong was encouraging.

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The theme for this year was “Celebrating What Matters Most this Season. Because It’s Christmas”. Can you guess how the drama will be? :)

The story line of the drama was about family gathering on Christmas day. How the Father who had lost his wife feeling neglected because of the busy schedule of his children. Eventually, all his children gathered and one by one felt regret to not spend time with their Father because they thought that something bad had happened to him. The story was simple but yet the message was sent clearly to the audiences. :)

Doesn’t it often happen to our real life as well. Honest to say, since I was still in high school, I felt that I have lost my privilege time to stop thinking. Overworked is a word which stick closely to me if I don’t put myself under control. I noticed that the older I am getting in, the more responsible I have, the more things that I need to do, and the lesser time I could have for my family, friends and even myself ~  which I believe that not only me experiencing this. But in every challenges we are facing, we learn something. Because of this, we learn how to manage our time better and how to prioritize our tasks. So, what matters most to me on Christmas? Besides God, I can say that spending time with family and friends are the matters most. I work hard, I earn more income, but if I lost my relationship with others, it will be totally meaningless.

A week before Christmas, I got myself a new sketchbook. I tried to draw something to represent what does Christmas mean to me. When I was thinking about it, my hands drew out a rough sketch of a happy couple, then next to it was a happy family. Joy on their faces. This should be the impact of Christmas because Christ has born for us. :)


Then a week later, coincidence should I say so? But the drama was also talking about the same thing – family and relationship with others. Perhaps, it was a private message or reminder for me. :p

Year 2012 will end soon. However the better year 2013 is already impatiently waiting for us. So, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May joy of Christmas and blessing be with you always. :)