As much as I wish to support the local agents or guides like what I shared few years ago, and to have reliable and trustable partner agents or guides to assist me in planning my travel plan around Indonesia, with or without friends or guests along. However, for the past years in the searching process, I do learn that this is not a perfect world. People make mistakes, people miss something, people don’t always can get along well.

Sometimes it is understandable and acceptable. However, sometimes it can get so unreasonable to the degree that I have no choice but I have to share out the experiences so that people may be more aware when trying to engage the person or company. My friends said I can’t always cover up and clean other people’s wastes. I really have had enough of all these, I suppose. Therefore, this page is created. I learnt the lesson so you don’t have to go through it.

Note: To have this page is a pain for me. It might affect someone’s rice bowl. This is the last option after all the other options taken are no longer useful.

A guide and tour operator can either make or destroy your holiday.