Beautiful Pony Villa: Overlooking Pacific Ocean Lodging in Taitung

    It started when I saw an advertisement by an airline company which showing Taitung with its beautiful scenery. I bought that and I went there by Taiwan Railway or train after staying two nights at Forte Dong-Shan Villa in Yilan. It is convenience to travel from one county to another in Taiwan and the cost is reasonable, too. This is still part of my 10 days #tracysolointaiwan trip.

    So, I was there in Taitung and because of the different side of the steer-wheeling of the car in Taiwan compared to Singapore or Indonesia, I didn’t rent a car. I took a taxi from Taitung train station to one interesting lodging – An ocean-themed lodging – which not near to the busy city. A place for a total retreat where the surrounding is quiet and peaceful with ocean view and lush greens that never fail to remind me to slow down my pace.

    “Welcome to Beautiful Pony Villa or 美麗小馬 小馬灣 Villa”

    Beautiful Pony Villa consists of two villas. One is the ocean-themed villa and another one is the farmhouse villa. When we get into the complex, we will see colourful flowers surrounding the ocean-themed villa which is dominated by white colour. This ocean-themed villa was launched not long ago, so, we may still see some planting process still going on to beautify the place.

    Mrs. Wang, the Manager of the Beautiful Pony Villa, who attended me after my arrival at the villa, showed me my room which was on the second floor at the ocean-themed villa. I had seen some photos on Beautiful Pony Villa website and I was so looking forward to seeing the place in real.

    There is a common hall on the second floor which can be used as a dining place or a gathering point between guests. All guests have to take off their shoes once they have entered this common hall. There are slippers prepared for guests on the shelf to change if they want to.

    “Here is your room, 203.”, she said as she opened the door.

    The common hall on the second floor

    What I saw was exactly the same as shown on the website. The room was spacious with a queen-sized bedding, private bathroom and access to a semi-private balcony. Each room is equipped with air-conditioning, one wardrobe, refrigerator, fan and also a television with its console. Do you see the ceiling light? It was designed by Mrs. Wang’s husband. 🙂

    I like the wooden material concept which much reminded me of the sunny beach and I heard that idea was from the owner, Mr. Wu, himself. It may look like a simple design but to come out with an idea is the most difficult part. So, I am still impressed. The intended uneven wall surface adds the natural feel to the whole room.

    Besides the bedroom itself, the bathroom interior also has a similar ocean-themed design. All the amenities that we usually can find in a hotel, we also can find it here, including hairdryer which is very important for some people (like me). I love the colourful tiles and stone washbasin. Yeah, I was feeling like at the beach!

    And the room balcony, that is something that needs to be discussed, too. Like what I said earlier that it is a semi-private balcony because it is actually one big balcony shared with the room next door. BUT, there is a partition. So, don’t worry. The territorial is clear. There are terrace chairs and table at the balcony for us to rest and relax if we prefer to stay outdoor. It is a great place to have breakfast or just lazing around with some books or tea or coffee

    At the balcony, I could see the ocean on my left-hand side and the hills on my right. High up there I saw a bird that seems to be an eagle flying near to the hills and soon it was out from my sight. In the morning, I was wakened up by the birds chirping.

    The sense of serenity and the view overlooking the pacific ocean are definitely the plus points of this villa. The friendliness of the Manager, Mrs. Wang and her husband, was another additional point. I felt safe with them. They are trustable and reliable.
    I spent two nights in the villa and I noticed that the location of the villa is pretty near to a few famous attractions in that area. Mrs. Wang was kind enough to show me around knowing that I couldn’t drive. 

    Although at the end I didn’t go to the place that I mentioned earlier (which at the end I find out the place I intended to go was called “Bo Lang Da Dao”) because I had mistaken the location which I thought was near to the villa but it wasn’t. However, I got chances to explore other interesting places. Wohoo…I will share later on separate posts.

    And orh, did I tell you about the farmhouse villa yet? Here you go. Another villa to consider if you are coming to Taitung with your family or group of friends. Why the name is Beautiful Pony Villa? Ermm, I don’t have any idea. Perhaps, you may want to ask them when you are there. Perhaps one day I should organize a trip to explore Taiwan, too. 🙂

    Beautiful Pony Villa (美麗小馬 小馬灣 Villa)
    Line: wualbert2003 or ivyhsu6444
    Tel.: +886 0933702128

    Tracy Chong
    Tracy Chong
    I love nature and I wish to swim with whales one day. If I am not exploring and working in front of my laptop, most likely I will spend the day trying out new recipes or spending time with family or friends.

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