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5 Exciting Destinations for Active Travellers

5 exciting destinations for active travellers
While most of my friends dying to visit popular cities in the world, for me, I would prefer to visit places that offer me a scenic view of mountains, lakes, or where I can forget the hustle bustle of the busy city. This is...

Festival Pesona Lokal Jakarta & Adira Finance 28th Anniversary

After held in 8 different cities around Indonesia for the last 3 months, it finally reached the peak of the programme in Jakarta which is also the last stop and closure of the whole festival. 

How to Plan Your Holiday – A Better One

In general, people love to travel. Whether it is to the nearby places or somewhere far that involves taking a various mode of transportation. What kind of holiday, preferences and the way each people plans might not the same, too. Some people are flexible...

Festival Pesona Lokal: Embracing the Local Cultures

festival pesona lokal
What? Another festival? Aren't there too many festivals already in Indonesia? Well, it's unlike any other festivals that are already existed. Because everyone gets to take part in it. Are you proud of your local culture? Then you should read on because you will find...

When Travel Made Possible with Maxi Travel

Peek Holidays - MAXI Travel by Adira Finance
Often times we are longing for a break from our routine, aren't we? It is like we really need a break, a good break and off to somewhere. We will then try hard to set aside a certain amount from our paycheck every month...

Sneak Peak into Asian Games 2018: Are We Ready?

FMB9-Pelatnas Pencak Silat - Asian Games 2018
With the Asian Games 2018 just around the corner, one thought that crossed our minds for sure is "How's our athletes' preparation for this upcoming big sports event?" Not only that, how prepared Indonesia is actually to be the host for this event? An...

Asian Games 2018: The Ball is in Indonesia’s Court

Asian Games 2018
Being appointed to be the host for the upcoming big sports event, Asian Games, which will be held in Jakarta and Palembang, no doubt, 2018 is indeed a special year for Indonesia. About 15.000 athletes for 40 sports categories and 7000 officials from 45...

Weather for the Past 36 Months

I hit the highest level of exhaustion and boredom ever. My original plan was to take a break, to travel probably for a couple of months to refresh my mind and soul, then I would be back looking for jobs after that. But there was...

PPM Management College Celebrates Pancasila Day with ‘LIMA’

"He's unclean" "It is alright. Our family will bear the sin." That’s the cut from the scene that caught my attention first after we rushed quietly to our seat in the cinema as we were a little late, the movie has already started. We were at...

Sneak Peek into Asian Games 2018

Peek Holidays - Sneak Peek Asian Games 2018
Have you ever become a host of one event? A gathering event perhaps for your friends or company? If you do, you should know the challenges to be the host or person in charge of one event. From the planning stage to execution, it...

Resolving the Road Traffic Issue in Jabodetabek #AyoNaikBus

Traffic in Jakarta
We may be dreaming of driving in the less hectic road situation where our energy is used up for steering our car for a happy long journey and not because of the emotional pressures caused by the bad traffic. We may also be dreaming...

Fly to Berlin with Scoot Airlines

Scoot fly to Berlin
"Hi, I am Chun Hoy Yuen from the German National Tourism Board." With a face full of smile, he introduced himself as he handed out his name card and briefly told us about Berlin. That was during the lunch session before the #SCOOT2BERLIN press event started....