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Why Tokyo Haneda Is One of the World’s Best Airports

With almost 73 million passengers flying through Tokyo Haneda International Airport, bridging the gap between Tokyo and the rest of Asia, as well as select destinations in Europe, North America and Australia, some travellers might be too busy to even notice the great service...

A Visit to Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room In Seattle

Peek Holidays - Starbucks Reserve
Have you been to Starbucks Reserve? My brother asked me one morning. I looked at him and asked if he was referring to the first Starbucks outlet at Pike Place Market. "No..No..not that one. Then I shall bring you there. The weather is good today. Let's go...

Andante House: The Little Japanese Village in Hualien, Taiwan

Andante House
Andante House and Restaurant is actually two separate buildings, the houses and the restaurant, located within a-zone Hualien cultural and creative industries park which was built about 100 years ago on 3.3 hectares land.

Beautiful Pony Villa: Overlooking Pacific Ocean Lodging in Taitung

Beautiful Pony Villa in Taitung
It started when I saw an advertisement by an airline company which showing Taitung with its beautiful scenery. I bought that and I went there by Taiwan Railway or train after staying two nights at Forte Dong-Shan Villa in Yilan. It is convenience to travel from one...

Forte Dong-Shan Villa in Yilan, Taiwan: A Recommended Place to Stay Not Only for Art Lovers

Dongshan Forte Villa Yilan
Forte Dong-Shan Villa, Yilan is nicely perched in Yilan, within National Center for Traditional Arts.

Hua Takhe: One Quiet Corner in Bangkok and A Cup of Cappuccino

Where are those skyscrapers? They are not there. It is mesmerizing. The place. Yes, the area. I am brought back to the past by a time machine I guess. All I can hear are the chuckles and laughter in the simplicity. Something that may have been difficult to find. Something that may have long gone in...

Hunting Bald Eagle at Skagit River

Bald Eagle at Skagit River
HANG ON! What I mean with hunting bald eagle here is "hunting" with my camera. :) So, I have a plenty of time when I was in Seattle last December. Although the weather was cold, the sky was gloomy and foggy, but I felt good...

How I Got Anxiety Attack in Hamilton and Reached Matamata Safely

It's been few months after my New Zealand trip. My first 'baby' which born from the trip was Reasons for Loving The Great Lake Taupo. I have special feeling to Taupo, you should check it out why I love that place. This would be my second 'baby' and there are...

Fall in Love with New Zealand

New Zealand has been in my travel wish list for very..very..long..time since I knew that the movie scenes of Lord of the Rings were taken at various place around New Zealand. Hence, to be in New Zealand was like a dream comes true. I have...

Reasons for Loving The Great Lake Taupo

It was the last stop of our New Zealand trip after Auckland, Hamilton, Matamata and Rotorua. I can't deny that I love Taupo immediately and I won't be hesitate to come back again if I have a chance. We took Intercity coach from Rotorua and...

Around Queensland – Gold Coast & Brisbane

I brought my camera for a walk when I was having holiday in Queensland. Gold Coast has such beautiful beaches, city of beaches I would say. Weather was chill but it's a sunny day. Not too many people were there which I supposed because it was...

Tsukiji Market: Not An Usual Market in Tokyo

Peek Holidays at Tsukiji Market
On our flight back from USA to Singapore, we had to stopover at Tokyo (Narita International Airport). We decided to extend our stay few days in Japan because we found that the price for few hours transit and extend for few days in Japan...