Beautiful Pony Villa: Overlooking Pacific Ocean Lodging in Taitung

Beautiful Pony Villa in Taitung
It started when I saw an advertisement by an airline company which showing Taitung with its beautiful scenery. I bought that and I went there by Taiwan Railway or train after staying two nights at Forte Dong-Shan Villa in Yilan. It is convenience to travel from one...

Forte Dong-Shan Villa in Yilan, Taiwan: A Recommended Place to Stay Not Only for Art Lovers

Dongshan Forte Villa Yilan
Forte Dong-Shan Villa, Yilan is nicely perched in Yilan, within National Center for Traditional Arts.

Scenery in Taitung, Taiwan

Taitung (台東) County is the third largest county in Taiwan which is situated on a small plain between the mountains and the ocean at the southern mouth of the East Rift Valley. These photos were taken by my Sister's friend, Phillip Hsu. He is a...