Dewarna Hotel and Convention: Complete Your Stay in Bojonegoro

Peek Holidays – Dewarna Hotel and Convention
Bojonegoro! My friends frowned. I didn't know exactly where it is but that was my answer given to them when they asked where I was heading to next about three weeks ago during a gathering at my friend's house. For those who never heard of this regency...

Vasanti Kuta Hotel: Have You Heard About It?

Peek Holidays - Vasanti Kuta Hotel
Vasanti Kuta Hotel was only a few minutes car ride away from the airport. No doubt, it is perfect for those who need to stay in Bali yet do not want to stay too far from the airport. I often have to stay one night...

Trizara Resorts: Glamping with View in Lembang

Peek Holidays at Trizara Resort
My first camping experience was only about a year ago with few friends at Mount Papandayan. It is about 3 hours drive by car from Bandung city then continue with 2 hours hiking up to the campground. Spending night in the nature, gathering around...

The Sanctoo Villa: It’s Not a Villa, It’s a Sanctuary

Peek Holidays - The Sanctoo Villa
Sanctuary? Are you exaggerating it? It is near to Bali Zoo, opposite of it to be precise. Even so, the villa still remain as serene, beautiful, fresh as I saw on my friend's photos before my visit. It is a beautiful resort with all the privacy you could...

SenS Hotel & Spa + Conference Ubud Town Centre: Modern Stay in the Midst of Mesmerizing Natural Ubud

  UBUD. I often hear about that place. I couldn't remember how many times I have come to Bali and stopped by at Ubud just for the sake of the famous Crispy duck. People said, Ubud is a boring place. Too quiet for people like me...

‘The Sintesa’ Jimbaran: Experience The Serenity on Top of the Hill

Peek Holidays - The Sintesa Jimbaran
"Close your eyes...Take a deep breath.. Listen to the birds chirping and singing...Relax.." And for few minutes, we laid down on the mat over the green grass in the park. I heard birds chirping. Somehow, I heard it clearly and louder than usual. The sounds were beautiful. I felt the breeze.. very...

Hotel Vila Lumbung: Feel Refreshed With Lush Tropical Surroundings Resort in Seminyak

Peek Holidays - Hotel Villa Lumbung
If we talk about lush green area in Bali, people usually will right away think of Ubud with its rainforest and terraced rice paddies which are among Bali’s most iconic landscapes. But maybe not too many people know that we can also find lush green...

Morning Spirit! The Spirit of The ONE Legian Hotel in Bali

Morning Spirit!  Your ears will be tickled when you hear such greeting wherever you go around the hotel that used to be dominated by blue color. Starting from January 2016, the warm colors that represents sunrise would be their new branding color and when you walk along the...

Andante House: The Little Japanese Village in Hualien, Taiwan

Andante House
Andante House and Restaurant is actually two separate buildings, the houses and the restaurant, located within a-zone Hualien cultural and creative industries park which was built about 100 years ago on 3.3 hectares land.

Beautiful Pony Villa: Overlooking Pacific Ocean Lodging in Taitung

Beautiful Pony Villa in Taitung
It started when I saw an advertisement by an airline company which showing Taitung with its beautiful scenery. I bought that and I went there by Taiwan Railway or train after staying two nights at Forte Dong-Shan Villa in Yilan. It is convenience to travel from one...

Forte Dong-Shan Villa in Yilan, Taiwan: A Recommended Place to Stay Not Only for Art Lovers

Dongshan Forte Villa Yilan
Forte Dong-Shan Villa, Yilan is nicely perched in Yilan, within National Center for Traditional Arts.

Hua Takhe: One Quiet Corner in Bangkok and A Cup of Cappuccino

Where are those skyscrapers? They are not there. It is mesmerizing. The place. Yes, the area. I am brought back to the past by a time machine I guess. All I can hear are the chuckles and laughter in the simplicity. Something that may have been difficult to find. Something that may have long gone in...