Magnificent Halong Bay with Alova Gold Cruise

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When first I was told that I would spend a night on a cruise during my Vietnam trip…I couldn’t imagine how the cruise would be. I thought it’d be just a simple small boat for us to have rest but the fact was beyond my expectation. :)

Again, I grabbed the cruise image from the Alova Gold Cruise website as I totally forgotten to snap one. Alova Gold Cruise was owned by Go Asia Travel which conduct various of local tours in Vietnam.


On the right side of the below photo, you can see the symbol of Halong Bay, which are 2 rocks formed like two chickens kissing. I took some time to visualize it though cause it has to be seen from the right angle. Our guide inform us in advance so that we won’t miss it. :)

Peek Holidays - Symbol of Halong Bay


Even though the cruise is small, it is clean and well-maintained. There are mini bar and dining tables in the dining hall. Btw, the guy on the left on below picture is Sunny, the tour guide that I mentioned on Bumpy Journey from Hanoi to Halong Bay. And on the right is our bartender. :)

Peek Holiday - Alova Gold CruisePeek Holidays - Alova Gold Cruise


Talk about meals, I shall say we can 100% put our mind in ease. On the cruise, we may expect to eat well and play well. They really know how to take good care and pampered their customers with good foods. :) Each meal will be served nicely. They are able to provide meal if we are on special diet, too.

peekholidays-alova-gold-cruise(s)Peek Holidays - Alova Gold Cruise


Our room was located on the most behind of the cruise, same level as the dining hall. I thought the room will be damp as it’s sailed in the bay most of the time. But in fact, it’s clean and I didn’t feel humid at all. The cleanliness of the bedroom and bathroom were guaranteed though we can’t expect to have a very spacious room. For some people, they might find the bathroom a lil’ bit too small. But for me, it’s just nice. All necessary amenities such as liquid soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush are provided. So, basically, we don’t need to bring too much thing there. :)

peekholidays-alova-room(s)Peek Holidays - Alova Gold CruisePeek Holidays - Alova Gold Cruise

One of our bed was next to the big window where we could see the scenery from our room. It is possible to open up the window to feel the breeze, too.

On the upper deck there were beach chairs where we could rest and relax while enjoying the scenery around Halong Bay.

Peek Holidays - Alova Gold Cruise

I tried to get a panorama shoot using my camera phone. I bet you gonna love the scenery! :)

Peek Holidays - Halong Bay Scenery


Alova Gold Cruise has arranged few activities for us to spend our time there. Such as kayaking, simple cooking class, flower crafting, light climbing at Ti Top island, exploring cave and not to forget, happy hour after dinner time! Where we can mingle around with others. :)

Our tour guide, Sunny, (the guy on the right photo) was kind enough to guide me on my very first time kayaking. He took really good care of all of us. He can speak in Chinese and English. :)


Peek Holidays - Kayaking

We have a chance to go to Ti Top island and do light climbing to the top to see the beautiful view of Halong Bay. Although there is steps but it might be quite challenging for some people as it might really take your breath away. I meant, out of breath. :D Just take it easy, need not to rush and eventually we will reach the top. Once we see the beautiful view from there, we know that all our sweat is paid off. :)

Peek Holidays - Ti Top IslandspeekholidaysPeek Holidays - Scenery from Ti Top Islands-ti-top-island-top-view(s)

Or you may be interested to go for swimming. I was told that the water is good for skin. I climbed up but skipped the swimming part. I was not ready to get my skin darken by the sun. :D I was satisfy enough to be able to view the scenery from the top. It’s truly awesome…breathtaking! The photo shown not even can represent half of it. :)

Peek Holidays - Beach

Then on the following day, after breakfast, we were brought to tour around one of the caves. It’s only a cave but somehow I found it awesome. I mean, it’s a nature cave , wow..

peekholidays-caving(s) peekholidays-caving-inner(s)

Then back from the caving tour, we were sent back to the our cruise to get our stuffs ready. But before that, we have privileges to watch live show of how the flower crafting was being done. See how skillful the chef is! :)

Peek Holidays - Alova Gold CruisePeek Holidays - Alova Gold Cruise
That’s briefly what we may expect from the 2D1N trip with Alova Gold Cruise. The activities may be different or more if we stay longer like 3D2N or so. You may always check their updates through their website, Alova Cruises, or Alova Cruises Halong Bay Facebook. They also organize other local tours which more info can be found on Go Asia Travel website. :)

There is still a lot of thing to share, but still own experience will speak it all. I recommended Halong Bay to be included in your travel list if you have not been there before. :)


• They do provide water-proof bag during the activities to keep your things safe
• If the sky is clear enough, remember to go to upper deck for star gazing at night
• Complimentary bottled water for each customer is provided but for other drinks will be billed separately. There is 1-1 free drinks during happy hour. Don’t miss it!
• No wi-fi available on board. So, don’t bother to bring your laptop. Just enjoy the nature! This is why I was glad that I didn’t bring my laptop together :)


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