Hmm…looks interesting.

I was looking at my friends who were still taking photos at the viewing deck not far from where I was standing when suddenly a guy walked up to the rope that was hanging on a tree next to the deck and started swinging. He swang back and forth few times as if he was trying to get our attention. Sometimes he sat down, sometimes he stood up on the wooden block that was tied at the end of the rope, sometimes he went upside down. Yeah, not only once but few times he did that and most of us were just amazed by his acrobatic skill.

Probably, some of you may think, what is so special about swinging on a rope tied on a tree? We can see that at many places especially at the rural area where many children even love to play that. But what if I tell you that he was swinging on the rope that tied on a tree near to the cliff? That would be a different story, I believe. At least it will get us into our adrenaline rush. Wohoo…!

Peek Holidays - Kalibaya Park

The guy seems to be friend with the rope that tied tightly on the tree very well. After few swings, indeed, he was hoping us to try the “Space Swing”, that’s how they named it. “Hmm..looks interesting.” I observed around, including the safety of the swing – the rope, the tree and also the view in front that has been alluring me to come closer since I got there. I realized I love being with the wind, meaning, I love to feel the wind blowing. It reminds me when I am standing high up on Mount Agung, closing my eyes awaiting for the wind – It feels awesome.

I put my bag down and slowly walking towards him and said, “I want to try.” Then he stopped swinging and pulled the rope near to me. He helped me with the safety strap that was connected to the rope. It was after rain and the ground was slippery and also uneven. I had to watch my balance while putting an effort to pull myself up and sit on that wooden block. I lifted up my right leg with my both hands grabbing the rope. I had to pass my action cam to my friend in order for me to hold on the rope properly.

But hey, it was actually not that difficult. In minutes, I was already leaving the ground and starting to scream because of the excitement! But unfortunately I didn’t manage to grab my action cam back from my friend before I left the ground. So, no documentation about it. Booo…! But well..well..let me enjoyed the moment. The view that only me could see. The feeling that only me could understand. Unless you try the Space Swing as well. ;)

Peek Holidays - On the Space Swing (Ayunan Angkasa)

Kalibaya Park on Mount Lio

The Space Swing or ‘Ayunan Angkasa’ in local language, is one of the activities we can do when we are in Kalibaya Park. The park is located on Mount Lio in Brebes Regency, Central Java, and was officially open for public only around mid of last year. If all these times when talking about Central Java, people usually only remember Semarang, now you know that Central Java is not only limited to that.

Besides the ‘Ayunan Angkasa’, horseback riding, outbound games, ATV, off-road ride with jeep or motorbike, would be few other things that we can do around the park. There are also few nice spots for photo taking such as at the viewing deck and the tree houses that are built near to the mini bar counter where we can grab some bites and coffee while mingling with others. They also built few other viewing platform on the tree where people can climb up to enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Peek Holidays - Tracy Chong
Malahayu Reservoir from the distance
Peek Holidays- Kalibaya Park
Snacking after the swing with Rizka Nidy from
Peek Holidays - Kalibaya Viewing Deck
One of my friends, Albert Ghana from

Peek Holidays - Kalibaya Tree HousesWhat else impressed me is knowing that the park is initiated and managed by the locals themselves. With that, I believe that they will always try to come out with ideas on how to manage, take care and develop the area that they have been trusted to. It isn’t easy but when they have dreams, they will find their way to make it happens. It is already proven by noticing the ongoing developments around the park. No matter what, Kalibaya Park is ready to welcome you! :)

To get updates about Kalibaya Park, do follow them on Facebook @kalibaya.park or Instagram @kalibaya_park

Kalibaya Park

Pasir Panjang, Salem, Brebes Regency
Central Java 52275
Tel. +62 812 2054 1204
Operating Hours: Monday–Sunday, 8 am to 5pm

What do you think about Kalibaya Park? Would you be interested to try the Space Swing or perhaps other rides such as off-road jeep ride or ATV? Share one thing that you would like to do most if you go to Kalibaya Park in the comments.
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