On July 2011, I went to Bintan island with friends. Well, you may think I must be joking. But, this is the truth. I just knew that Bintan is actually part of my home country, Indonesia! It is only when I am in Singapore, I hear many people saying or talking about Bintan island.

It is a shame, I know. Hehe…As an excuse, Indonesia is a big country! How do you expect me to know all parts within it. :D

Anyway, I enjoyed my trip to Bintan and after discussed with my friends, I decided not to bring my DSLR camera. Here I found that my super Samsung Galaxy S 2 is pretty handy on this trip. The built-in camera was good enough I can say. :)

If you are still kinda lost like me in the beginning, you may wish to find out lil’ bit information about Bintan island in Wikipedia.

We took early Ferry in the morning to reach Bintan. So, before 6.30 AM, I had to reach Ferry Terminal at Tanah Merah. If you know when I am staying, then you will know how far it’s from my place. But, still I was very excited! :)

It took almost 2 hours to reach Bintan island.

We stayed at Bintan Agro Beach Resort.


Our rooms were next to each others and facing beaches. It’s a great place to catch the sunrise in the morning.

The early morning scenery was beautiful. We saw the sun gradually appeared. Even though we couldn’t see the sun very clear, but it’s worth for us to rise early in the morning. :)

My friends were enjoying the sunrise and me…at their back to take photo of them. :D


I like the silhouette of my friends on the below photo. SSssstt….they didn’t notice it. :)

peekholidays-bintan-island-sunrise2-s peekholidays-bintan-island-sunrise3-s

Sun rose, we off to our next programme of the day. It’s a beautiful day!