Have you ever been to Bali?

Bali is one of the island in Indonesia and it is famous for its nature, beaches, handcrafts and also..SEAFOOD! :)


Talk about seafood in Bali, then we shall not miss Jimbaran! Seafood restaurants at Jimbaran area in Bali is one of the most visited places by tourist and locals. The photo was taken when I had my dinner at Jimbaran. As usual, it is very crowded at night. The restaurant is located near to the beach and you may choose to get outdoor seating or indoor. For myself, I prefer to get the outdoor seating to enjoy the sea breezes. Sometimes I wonder, what makes seafood in one place with another taste different? Ok, besides of the sources, perhaps it is how they marinate and inevitable the dipping sauces are also make it tastier.

Seafood Restaurant in Jimbaran is a must visit when you go to Bali. Never been to Jimbaran = never been to Bali! I say so. :D

There are a lot of places with good foods in Bali but I will save it for later posts. :)


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