“Magic” Phrases During Lo Hei (Yu Sheng)

    I have been wondering what was the meaning of each ingredient for Lo Hei. I mean, I know each ingredient should represent something and usually, if we do Lo Hei in the restaurant, there will be a waitress which assisting us while saying the “magic words” and pouring all those oils and spices at the same time. But…I always missed it because she or he was just speaking too fast. Ok, I admit it. I am slow. So, when I found out this infographic about Lo Hei (Yu Sheng), I was just very glad. Hope this will be useful for you. There is a video, too! 🙂

    View the image below on new tab or download for a bigger view. Enjoy! 🙂

    Tracy Chong
    Tracy Chong
    I love nature and I wish to swim with whales one day. If I am not exploring and working in front of my laptop, most likely I will spend the day trying out new recipes or spending time with family or friends.

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