Travel Wish List(old)

Peek Holidays - Hobbiton


I don’t have any what people called travel wish list, until one day when my friend asked me about my dream vacation. I started to think, maybe it is time for me to create one for myself. :)

There was once when I was kid, I love manga so much! I wish I can go to Japan one day.

There was once, after I grew up older, I watched “Coming to America” comedy movie with Eddie Murphy as the main character. At that point of time, I was wondering where is America? I remember that country since then.

There was once in Geographic subject class when I was in my Secondary school, I learned about an animals called Kiwi and Koala. Wow…I wish I can see them with my own eyes one day. That’s one of the excuses to visit Australia and New Zealand.

I like history though I am not very good in memorizing, but oh..there was once I heard about the Great Wall of China history in the class and…wow…I was wondering, how does it look like in real.

Day after day, the more I read, the more I study, the more I meet people, the more I realize that this world is big and I am just at one corner of this big globe! I start to create a list of places I wish to go one day. It may sound ridiculous but when we put efforts on it, I believe dreams will come true one day – Just like what Mickey said in this video. ;)

Although I have visited countries listed on my travel wishlist, I really don’t mind to revisit again. :)


Done August 2015

Raja Ampat, Baliem Valley, the richness of the natures there, who can ever resist it? :)

Peek Holidays - Wayag


I don’t know why I am so smitten to these two places! Blame on The Secret Life of Walter Mitty movie which has gotten me so in love with Iceland & Greenland!


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[Source: Greenland]


Done August 2014

I want to see those places where “Lord of the Rings” movie was filmed.


Done January 2016

Seriously, there was once I transit in Alaska for less than 3 hours, I was awed by the scenery. Can I say that I fall in love at the first sight? Besides that, seeing Aurora or Northern Lights is my dream as well. :)


Done April 2014

After watching all those Korean dramas, listening to all those K-Pop, at least I need to visit once, right? :D I am amazed at this really fast growing country. Their strong culture, language, food, and scenery! :)
Bomun Pavilion


I don’t know what is the reason behind my eagerness to visit this country. Could be…this country always reminds me of the breathtaking view of mountains, lake and so on?


Done December 2014

After my first visit to this country, oo…I love it! :D


I want to go to Santa Claus Village in Lapland!Is the reason too childish? I don’t care! :D

Santa Claus Village

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