Travel Wishilist

There was time when I was kid, I love manga so much! I wish I can go to Japan one day to meet my favourite manga writers.

There was time, after I grew up older, I watched “Coming to America”, a comedy movie by Eddie Murphy. At that time, I haven’t known where America is but I remember that country since then.

There was once when I was in my Secondary school, during Geographic class I learned about the endemic animals called Kiwi and Koala. I wondered how they actually looked like in real. I wish to see them with my own eyes one day.

I like history although I am not very good in memorizing. There was once I heard about the Great Wall of China history in the class and I learnt about China, one of the big countries in the world.

Day after day, the more I read, the more I study, the more I meet people, the more I realize that this world is big and I only see one corner of this big globe!

Here is the list of places I wish to go one day. I believe dreams will come true one day – Just like what Mickey said in this video.


raja ampat diving

Raja Ampat, Baliem Valley, the richness of the natures – underwater and on the land. Who can ever resist it?

Papua: A Dream Destination Where I Met This Inspiring Lady
Baliem Valley Festival in Papua
Ilugaimo And Yakob, Thank you
Trekking in Baliem Valley: The Green Beanie Guy
Daroyen Village in Raja Ampat

Realized: Aug 2015



I want to see the movie setting of “Lord of the Rings”

Reasons for Loving the Great Lake Taupo

Realized: Aug 2015


There was once I transit in Alaska for less than 3 hours, I was awed by the sce